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Here is a list of my lectures and workshops. They can be customized to fit the specific needs of your group.

All programs are PowerPoint ready, with handouts and a one hour or more timeframe. Other topics may be developed.
Lectures can be given in English, Spanish or Hebrew.

  1. The MyHeritage Photo World
  2. Genealogy by the Clock: What You Can Do with the Time You Have
  3. Planting a Family Tree Online on MyHeritage
  4. MyHeritage Unique Technologies for Research your Family
  5. MyHeritage Advanced Features and Technologies
  6. Find Relative Without Really Searching With MyHeritage
  7. How to Analyze My DNA Matches on MyHeritage
  8. Advanced DNA Tools to Analyze MyHeritage DNA Matches
  9. Families Reunited Thanks to Genetic Genealogy True Stories
  10. Exploring Billions of Historical Records on MyHeritage's New Search Engine
  11. Finding Your W.I.S.E Ancestors with MyHeritage New Search Engine
  12. Finding Jewish Records in MyHeritage New Search Engine
  13. PedigreeMap - an Interactive Map of Your Family History
  14. Creating Beautiful Charts of Your Family Tree on MyHeritage
  15. Genealogy on the Go - MyHeritage Mobile App
  16. Family Tree Builder, FREE Software to Manage Your Genealogy, What's New and Why Should I Use It
  1. If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now! Doing Genealogy, The Right Way
  2. Mobile Technology for Genealogy
  3. Genealogy in The Comics - A Kids' Lecture for Grownups
  4. Introduction to Historical Records for Genealogy
  5. Why Is My Grandmother's Record Private?
  6. Where There's a Will There's a Way ... to Research your Family
  7. Don't Believe Everything You Read
  8. The Funny Side of Genealogy
  9. Locations are Everything ... The Places Your Relative Were
  10. Discovering Your Family's Story Through the U.S. Census
  11. Tracing Your Family Through Time with U.S. City Directories
  12. Genealogy for Sale: Researching in Auction Houses
  13. Searching My Death People in Obituaries
  14. DNA Test for Genealogy
  15. Basic Steps for Genealogy Research - How can I Start my Family Tree
  16. Plan Your Roots Trip to Eastern Europe Effectively
  17. Prepare for a Cemetery (Search Photo and Index) Trip
  18. How Photos Enhance Genealogical Research
  19. How we Share and Preserve Memories on a Digital Era
  20. Cloud vs. Software Genealogy, What Should I Use?
  21. What, Who, Why, Where, When & How Genealogy (The Anthropology of Genealogy)
Jewish & Israel
  1. Did My Family Lie, or Are the Records Wrong?
  2. How a Record Match Almost Led Me to an Insane Asylum
  3. Reuniting Holocaust Survivors... Not Mission Impossible
  4. How I Met my Singers, A Success Example of Genealogy Research
  5. Finding Jewish Records in MyHeritage SuperSearch Engine
  6. How to Access Burial Data in Israel From Your Couch
  7. Research Israel Genealogical Resources from your Couch
  8. Research Jewish Genealogical Resources on the Internet
  9. Research Latin America Genealogical Resources From Your Couch
  10. The Jews Who Left Spain and Their Genealogy
  11. How I Found My Jewish American Family
Management & Societies
  1. Conducting Webinars - How to Broadcast Lectures To and From Your Society
  2. Crowdsourcing: When the Power of Many Benefits All
  3. Make Your Database Searchable
  4. How to Get Kids Involved in Family History
  5. How to do the Genealogy Roots School Project
* Some lectures can be given also as a 2 hour hands-on workshops.

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